Sefine Model Ship Building

As Sefine Model Workshop, we build Ship models and architectural models.Our workshop is located in the well-known area of Tuzla - Istanbul. With the help of our experienced and talented staff, we are trying to do our best ship - yacht models for our respectable customers.  All the ship models we have made so far are so professional that makes our customers feel very comfortable.

As a model company, we are interested in Yacht models, architectural models, ship models or boat models.

If you want to have your ship models made by professionals, first of all you should send us an email that is about the project of your model. You can also get information about the prices of ship models as soon as we check your email.  After we agree upon price, delivery date and the kind of model ship, we immediately make a start on ship model in order to finish the work on time for your pleasure. The delivery date may change according to the model ships we are dealing with.

For instance, if we deal with a detailed model yacht , the delivery date can also change . An architectural model is easier as you can estimate. When you check our website, you will see a number of models that may give you a clue about our work.
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